We only offer apprenticeships in the German part of Switzerland (visit the Germen pages)


During the three-year training course you will work in various fields of work. There is a change of department every six months. Secretariat/Reception, Purchasing, Accounting, Sales Switzerland/Export, Marketing and the Duplicate Key Department await your active support.

Logistics specialist

In the retail warehouse and in the small parts and spare parts warehouse, you will learn how to store and retrieve articles correctly and how to pick customer orders. In the incoming goods department you will help load trucks, check delivery notes and process incoming mail. In the order centre you will also work in the office - every 4 - 6 months you will change department.

Polytechnician (m/f)

During this four-year training you will get to know our diverse product range and support the team during assembly. During your apprenticeship you will finish workpieces, tools and make jigs and fixtures for production plants. Modern, computer-controlled machines are used for this. You will create production programmes, set up the production machines and monitor the production process.

Computer scientist

After the one-year introduction to the profession of computer scientist in Rau (Regional Training Centre in Au) you will work with us for the remaining three years. Your tasks include the installation of workstation equipment. This includes the provision of all individual parts and the installation of the programs. You will also be responsible for the internal IT hotline.