Better specialist door planning through improved communication

In the triangle between door manufacturers, architects and building owners, good communication is essential for successful projects. Sascha Meier from Meier Schreinerei und Innenausbau GmbH, explains the difficulties that can arise during coordination and how the cooperation can be improved. The door manufacturer from Biberist, Solothurn, has been producing most of the products in-house for over ten years, from series doors to exclusive unique pieces. But whether superstructures or homes, the problems encountered during implementation are largely similar.

Sascha Meier: “As door manufacturers, we are in a central position between the project partners involved during a construction project. Because the requirements have increased from all sides, good communication and close cooperation with the architect, developer and locking system manufacturer is essential. This is the only way to ensure that we can build secure doors in line with standards and within the specified budget.”  

Increased demands on door manufacturers

  • Designing doors in line with standards is becoming ever more complex. In Switzerland, there are also few standardised products. For specialist door planning, specialist expert knowledge is therefore essential.
  • Developers have become more savvy due to the information available online: They compare products, expect a high level of functionality, appealing design and quick service. Flexible retrospective adjustments on the construction site by the door manufacturer are often requested, while still keeping the costs within budget.
  • Architects are mainly focussed on good product design that can be integrated in their concept. So the door manufacturer must pay particular attention to the functionality required by the developer.

Sascha Meier: “Both the developer and the door manufacturer must be included in the planning in good time by the architect to avoid subsequent adjustments and changes. This is the only way to avoid unplanned cost increases, which usually have to be covered by the door manufacturer. During the project and on the construction site in particular, all parties involved must have the latest information, as developers often don’t know who the right contact partner is and simply ask the person present.” 

Better communication and planning through

  • Professional identification of requirements and demands by a project team at the developer or issuing party
  • Taking standards and regulations into account in the tenders
  • Digital data, constantly updated
  • Building implementation with BIM

Sascha Meier: “The manufacturers of locking and security technology should always support the door manufacturers with specialist door planning, product selection and service. In cooperation with professional door planners, this ensures that door solutions comply with the standards. Communication between the installers, door manufacturers and locking technology manufacturers should also be improved.”

Locking technology manufacturers can help with

  • Professional project consultants
  • Complete door solutions for important function doors
  • Products and solutions in line with standards
  • Well prepared product data, including in digital form and as BIM files
  • Training of the installers directly at the door manufacturer
  • Regional service partners in specialist trade
  • Development of design-orientated products
  • Querying installation problems for product optimisation
  • Providing installation aids like test boxes