Better protection for hands in nurseries and childcare facilities

Nurseries and childcare facilities face the problem of «secure doors» every day. Teachers have supervisory duties and must ensure that the children cannot leave the premises unsupervised and do not injure their fingers by trapping them in doors, for example. At the same time, the little ones must be able to leave the building quickly without help in an emergency – the escape route must be open for them. And parents expect to have free access to the nursery and childcare facility at drop-off and pick-up times.

So: Lock doors to prevent the risk of trapped fingers or don't lock them to enable the building to be exited in an emergency? The answer lies in the right combination of technical solutions that make the nurseries and childcare facilities secure and can be used easily by teachers and parents, but also protect little hands. The solution is: Finger protection.

Minimize the risk of injury with suitable finger protection

In hectic situations or thoughtless moments, doors can become dangerous traps for little hands when closing – particularly in childcare facilities. On automatically closing swing doors, a safety device is even specified by law for the pinch edges on the inner edge of the door (standard EN 16005). In Germany, the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) specifies that the shear points on doors in childcare facilities must be protected. The Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU) defines the same danger points on doors. In its specialist brochure, the BFU writes: «pinch points on the inner edges of swing doors (hinge side) can be dangerous, particularly for younger children. These pinch points should therefore be protected in nurseries, childcare facilities and school buildings for younger children.» Teachers know all too well how quickly a little hand can be trapped in the narrow gap between the door leaf and frame. But children aren't the only ones at risk. Automatic swing doors in particular can pose a potential hazard for adults too. However, accidents like these can be reliably prevented with the Planet finger protection.