Once glass, always glass – the all-rounder of modern architecture is leading the way

More than almost any other building material, glass stands for unique, simple elegance, sustainable quality and the highest design standards. One person who certainly knows this is Mag. Christoph F. Vonach, Managing Director of Längle Glas-System GmbH from Götzis in Austria. The company is a globally sought-after project partner for the most demanding construction projects with glass and can already look back on more than 130 years of success.

Christoph Vonach is always looking for innovative, design challenges as an enthusiastic expert in his field and reports on new developments and trends in glass system construction in our guest article. Glass is a fascinating material that is indispensable in popular puristic design and modern minimalism. "We will most likely still be using glass without restrictions in 2,000 years to come – 'Anyone who builds with glass builds for eternity. Because glass doesn't age' – is therefore also a much-cited motto in our industry", reports Christoph Vonach. At the same time, the wide range of possible uses has probably never been greater than now - triggered by the major leaps in development in glass technology in recent years.

Maximum design freedom with glass

Thanks to the further development of static properties and the advancing integration of intelligent functionalities, glass can now be used very individually. It lends each building an unmistakable character both indoors and outdoors, and there are practically no limits to the design freedom with glass. The Managing Director of Längle Glas-System knows what is appealing right now: "In the interior sector, the theme of colour is currently a major trend in this context. Black framed, powder-coated glass systems in the interior design of new office buildings are in great demand, especially in Europe. They give the premises an aesthetically clear structure and at the same time create a unique and light-flooded atmosphere."

Thanks to security innovations such as ASSA ABLOY's Planet brand for drop-down seals and finger protection solutions, perfect symmetries can now be implemented easily and adapted to any construction situation. The Swiss specialist for door security solutions also has flexibly adjustable, harmonious glass designs in its portfolio, including the aforementioned black colour. All reasons why Vonach likes to work with future-oriented brand manufacturers like these: "We are very grateful for the new possibilities that these innovations offer on the manufacturer side. We also appreciate the reliable high quality of the individual products. The complaint rate is practically zero."

Quality makes the difference

You could be forgiven for wondering which direction the development in building with glass could take from here, considering practically everything is already possible and the available portfolio has so far been able to meet almost every wish of architects and builders. "For us glass system manufacturers in Europe, this means investing more than ever in our own consulting and planning skills - i.e. expanding these company areas in a sustainable manner in order to secure global competitive advantages and ensure the highest quality and safety standards", explains Christian Vonach. The gradual digitalisation and conversion of the industry to BIM is a very important factor in this, which will become increasingly important: "However, the responsible use of resources, short delivery routes and strong partnerships with local manufacturers, processing plants and other service providers in the respective region are at least as important in order to survive internationally and to keep the 'Made in Europe' seal of quality, even when building with glass", the Längle Glass System Director appeals for solidarity, especially during this challenging time.