kEntry App - Mobile management of master key systems

Get more comfort, flexibility and security for your master key system

The kEntry app is a mobile client for your KESO online master key system. The app enables you to manage your master key system while on the move and to respond to the requirements of your organization at any time.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Block lost or stolen keys/cards in a matter of seconds
  • Allocate authorizations for online doors to users in 3 clicks
  • Check and monitor the status of online doors
  • Open online doors remotely, e.g. for couriers
    …all of this via WiFi or UMTS connection at any time!
Security features
  • Security from sniffing via AES encryption of the communication lines
  • Security through encryption of sensitive data on the device
  • Security from unauthorized access via PIN code
  • Security if devices are lost thanks to deactivation via the k-entry management software
Technical specifications

Requirements - IT infrastructure

  • Static public IP address
  • Network address translation (NAT) or port forwarding of the static public IP address to the internal IP address of the KEKnet server.


Requirements - k-entry management software

  • k-entry 2014
  • KEKnet licence or online doors in operation
  • Door monitoring licence (for full function)
  • kEntry App licence


Requirements - k-entry software versions

  • KEKNetManager version
  • KEKNetServices.exe version
  • KService version
    From KService, HSM is also supported.
  • KServiceControl version
  • K5Starter.exe version


Requirements for the mobile device

  • iOS 7.0 or newer (Android & Windows is not supported)
  • iPhone 5 and above, iPad 2, iPad Air 2 (Android & Windows is not supported)
  • kEntry Mobile App installed (available in the App Store)
  • The kEntry App can be downloaded from the App Store (click here for App Store)
  • The kEntry App management licence for your KESO master key system can be downloaded via the Help menu in the k-entry management software.