MSL AutoTriBloc: New product for solid leaf doors for commercial building sector

Holz 2019 in Basel sees ASSA ABLOY (Schweiz) AG premiering its AutoTriBloc lock. The new MSL-brand mechanical multi-point lock has been developed for solid leaf doors in commercial buildings and appeals to fitters, architects and developers in equal measures.

With the new MSL product AutoTriBloc, ASSA ABLOY has developed its Tribloc 1850 further, making comprehensive improvements to function, security and ease of installation.

Secure locking technology, optimum intrusion protection

Thanks to the integrated E and B panic functions, AutoTriBloc is eminently suitable for escape doors and fire doors. A mechanical automatic locking system with an enhanced bolt locks the door securely after it is opened each time, thus offering high intrusion protection. As a mechanical multi-point locking system for solid leaf doors, this new lock can be used in a variety of ways in both public and residential buildings, whether they are new builds or have undergone renovation. AutoTriBloc can be used on main entrance doors to apartment buildings, on accesses to parking garages or on large offices and archive rooms, for example. Solid leaf doors in laboratories, medical practices or cultural buildings such as concert halls and libraries can also be fitted with the lock. Fitters, architects and developers will all benefit from this further development and high functionality.

Variety of versions to suit installation type and design

One noteworthy feature is the new MSL lock's capacity to adapt to different door installation types. Thanks to an external control latch, a reversible panic side and the reversible DIN door swing direction, the AutoTriBloc is easy to install instantly. It is also simple to retrofit. If a door is renovated or new requirements have been imposed on the locking solution, an existing Tribloc 1850 can be replaced with the new AutoTriBloc with slightly updating the door. One big advantage is the high load capacity – the lock can hold door handles weighing up to 1.5 kg. This is thanks to a new spring concept, which uses a spiral spring instead of a volute spring. As a result, very heavy, modern handles can be fitted which highlight the sturdy character of a solid leaf door, thus allowing architects significantly more scope for design.

Full panic function for solid leaf doors

From mid-2020, the two-leaf AutoTriBloc will also be available in addition to the single-leaf version. In this design, it is the only lock for solid leaf doors which meets full panic function requirements. Both door leafs will thus always open when the panic handle is pressed, no matter which leaf was pressed.