PIN instead of key: Practical access for interior doors and security for windows

It’s not possible to monitor every private door in an area accessible to the public. Access to rooms, such as laboratories in medical practices, offices with sensitive data, or storage rooms in businesses must therefore be secured. With Code Handle®, a simple door handle with access control from ASSA ABLOY (Schweiz) AG, access to rooms like these remains under control. The easy to assemble door handle with integrated PIN pad locks the door securely. Completely without cables, expensive access control systems, inconvenient keys or major conversion work. Code Handle® Window is also perfect for windows and balcony doors which should not open without authorisation.

Code Handle® is operated with an electronic PIN code. This ensures that only authorised persons like employees can unlock the door. A four-digit code is simply entered on the door handle keypad to open the door. Code Handle® offers security and convenience, wherever private spaces adjoin areas accessible to the public.

This door handle and its integrated keypad can be used on any doors which need to be locked and unlocked on a frequent basis. Because key management for heavily frequented doors is extremely time-consuming and difficult to monitor. The simple and affordable Code Handle® is the ideal solution here. It offers a master code and up to nine different PINs for users. Code Handle® also offers another advantage: It locks automatically when the door is closed. So even if you forget to lock up – Code Handle® has you covered.

Easy installation and easy to retrofit
The battery-operated Code Handle® is easy to install. Only two screws are required to install the system on practically any interior door. No wiring is required on the door and no connection to the power supply is required. The system can also be easily retrofitted on existing doors with standard door fittings, as Code Handle® uses the existing locking mechanism: The cylinder or lock remain in place, only the door handle is changed. So there’s no need to install a complex system.

Windows and doors secured with a PIN
The Code Handle® Window fitting is used on windows and patio and balcony doors, which can only be locked from the inside. It prevents uncontrolled opening of windows and doors, which is particularly important in care homes, among other areas. In apartments and offices, the technology is an additional deterrent against access from outside, particularly on the ground floor. Because would-be burglars discovering a terrace door left tilted open find themselves unable to turn the handle.

Wide range of uses
In many areas, it is important to prevent unauthorised access. Increased security measures are advisable for irreplaceable documents in archives, for example. Sensitive office documents are also not intended for everyone to see.

Stocks of medication and ingredients must also be locked securely. Unauthorised access can be prevented here with a complete solution of a secure PIN and door handle.

Storage areas in the public trade sector are particularly difficult to monitor and at risk, if no security guard is in place. Even customer toilets in shops remain locked with the Code Handle® without the time-consuming process of handing out a key.


With Code Handle® and Code Handle® Window, confidential data, private rooms, valuable items in storage and people in need of protection can be protected easily and effectively.