New Planet drop-down seal offers maximum door comfort

Drop-down seals on inside doors palpably increase private living comfort. This is because the gap between door leaf and floor is closed by a drop-down seal, improving noise insulation, room climate and cosiness on its own. With sliding doors, however, this used to mean that more force was required to close the door. With the new Planet SN door drop-down seal for sliding doors, ASSA ABLOY (Schweiz) AG now offers a unique solution: The seal is child’s play to operate, is suitable for barrier-free access and is even suitable in doors with damping mechanisms.

Modern door comfort in private living areas should include not only excellent functionality, but also easy operability. The new Planet SN drop-down door seal for sliding doors from ASSA ABLOY combines both aspects in a unique manner: It offers all of the conveniences of a drop-down seal of this kind, and is additionally designed so that the door can be operated nearly effortlessly.

Unique combination of accessibility and pull-in damping

Sepp Marfurt, applications engineer at Planet GDZ AG, explains: "Planet SN is the only barrier-free drop-down door seal for sliding doors on the market, as no retainer is needed when the doors are closed. The closing system can be triggered with hardly any force at all, and it is the first drop-down seal which can be combined with a damping mechanism". This is a special advantage, since nearly two-thirds of all modern sliding doors have closing damping, which softly stops the door and pulls it closed. Thanks to the new drop-down door seal, this operating comfort benefit can now be combined with the advantages of a tightly sealed door. After all, residents benefit in several ways from not having the usual opening gap between door leaf and floor. These include, above all, improved noise and smoke protection as well as the option of easily separating room climates from one another. In addition, a drop-down seal prevents unpleasant drafts, noise from the hall or distracting light incidence. A high-grade sliding door with drop-down seal offers maximum living comfort and discretion, especially in modern architecture with flowing living rooms between the bedroom and bath, for instance.

Top functionality, easy installation

Planet SN is especially well suited for use in wooden sliding doors, but can also be used in plastic and metal doors. The sealing system is variable and easy to assemble. It is made of a seal profile which is seated in a standardised groove in the door leaf, and a guide piece on the floor. When the door is closed, the floor guide presses the seal downwards and out of the door leaf, so that the gap between floor and door leaf is completely sealed off. There is even a soft bevel lip which adapts to uneven floors. The necessary release force is just 1 newton metre. ASSA ABLOY also offers three different floor guides for different gap heights.