Accessibility with new Planet X3 unilateral release drop-down seal and click threshold system from Planet

Many people want to be able to live as long as possible in their own home – despite increasingly limited mobility as they age. When you take into account the rapidly growing proportion of retirees in the general population, it can be anticipated that the need and demand for barrier-free infrastructures and buildings will increase enormously in the coming years.

With the new generation of the Planet X3 drop-down seal, Planet GDZ AG, part of the ASSA ABLOY group, now offers a future-proof, accessible door solution, which, in combination with the modular click threshold system, is ideally suited for new construction and renovations.

The innovative Planet X3 drop-down seal keeps driving rain safely away from the door and provides for the first time a completely barrier-free zero threshold for single-leaf house and balcony doors. Three concurrent sealing movements downward and left and right completely seal house and balcony doors.

Especially convenient is the link between the drop-down seal with unilateral release and the modular click threshold system. Thanks to the modular system, Planet X3 can be combined in different versions with the innovative system. The thermally insulated flat threshold can be traversed with high loads and creates an optimal transition between inside and outside due to the true zero threshold.

Modular system for greater freedom of design 

Planet offers the combinable click threshold system in three versions, so  that the Planet X3 drop-down seal can be installed in every construction situation. Of the thresholds available, the Planet F-120 is the actual zero threshold. Thanks to its absolutely flat profile, it makes full accessibility possible, and the floor recess is only five millimetres. The Planet F-130, on the other hand, is optimally suited for a required levelling of the floor surface. The Planet F-140, the third threshold version, does not require a floor recess, which makes it particularly well suited for installation when renovating.

Although only the combination of Planet X3 with the modular click threshold system can ensure true accessibility, the new generation of the unilateral release drop-down seal can basically be combined with all zero thresholds.

Certified and attractive design 

The second generation of the Planet X3 drop-down seal is highly functional and has now received several certifications. It is absolutely impervious to driving rain, in accordance with standard 7A/9A, also complies with the specific classification standard DIN EN 12208 and has been successfully tested in accordance with DIN EN 1027. As per the CE marking, it comes under the general product standard for windows and exterior doors, DIN EN 14351-1.

Apart from the benefits already mentioned, the click threshold is very attractive for designers and architects because of its aesthetic design with concealed, outwardly invisible screws. Planet thereby is following the growing trend towards so-called "universal design". Universal design is an international design concept that functionally designs products, environments and systems in such a way that they can be used by as many people as possible without further adjustment or specialization.

Convenient time-saving installation

Compared to the previous model, installation of the new generation of Planet X3 has been optimized.  Thanks to the new innovative quick clamping system, the time-consuming bonding of the silicon lip has been done away with. That is not only significantly more convenient for the contractor but also installation on the whole goes much more quickly, since the 12 hours it previously took to set up the door system – including drying time for the adhesive – has been reduced to just a couple of minutes. Installation takes place as usual using two mounting brackets in the door leaf.

Thanks to the adjustable lateral travel, the system can also be aligned right and left as well as vertically. The lateral travel is also relatively easy to adjust. This allows for easy corrections even without an expert installer and therefore makes this innovative drop-down seal on the whole easy to maintain. Since the modular system is also impressive with regard to heat insulation, installation is very energy efficient and cost-effective.

Presentation of Planet X3 at Holz 2019

The new Planet X3 drop-down seal and modular click threshold system will be presented for the first time from 15 to 19 October 2019 at Holz 2019, the largest trade fair of the Swiss wood industry. Planet GDZ AG has been part of the globally successful ASSA ABLOY group since summer 2018. At a joint booth at the trade fair, Planet and ASSA ABLOY will present innovations and products for everything having to do with doors. Interested professional visitors are cordially invited to obtain information with the help of many application examples at booth C20 in Hall 1.