Real single-handed operation with the innovative MSL eBar push bar

The requirements for locking technology in escape door systems and panic doors are complex. They must be easy to open without tools in an emergency and also provide protection from unauthorised access or exit. The innovative MSL eBar panic push bar from ASSA ABLOY (Switzerland) Ltd. offers this reliable security. It is certified according to EN 1125 and impresses throughout Europe with easy mounting and barrier-free single-handed operation.

If a large number of people have to be evacuated from a building within a short space of time, escape route technology is required that is simple and completely reliable. This task is usually carried out by horizontally mounted panic push bars on the doors marked as escape doors ideally accompanied by visual and acoustic signals for better orientation. The MSL eBar from ASSA ABLOY combines all these functions in one system and can be adapted flexibly to any requirement and building situation.

A range of potential uses

In dangerous situations, the panic push bar is easily recognisable even in thick smoke conditions thanks to its green illumination in activated mode and its position at half door height. Access for unauthorised persons can be controlled easily and conveniently via the integrated door monitoring function. The MSL eBar is therefore particularly well suited for use in security-sensitive areas such as airports or in buildings with a high volume of visitors, such as stadia, museums, cinemas or schools. The MSL eBar is also ideal as a system solution for sales outlets, such as shopping centres, where protection from theft and misuse of escape routes plays a major role.

Easy mounting and handling

The innovative panic push bar is quick and easy to install. It enables the technician to carry out the wiring easily on-site with just a few targeted actions. Where necessary, the carrier profiles and push bars can be shortened on-site easily on one side (up to a maximum of 160 millimetres depending on the version). Because the MSL eBar can also be switched between left and right-handed use, it offers the necessary flexibility for installation in two-leaf escape doors. Operating the MSL eBar is also child’s play - in the truest sense of the word. A pressure of around eight kilograms in weight or 80 N is enough to open the door easily – so it’s no problem for children to manage. “In panic situations, the door can therefore also be opened by pushing with the back or with the elbow. The red backlit display also supports the emergency opening visually”, reports Matthias Walter, Product Manager MSL at ASSA ABLOY regarding the further benefits of the system.

Thanks to the additional individual release function, authorised persons can also use the door without triggering an alarm, via a switch actuation in the integrated key switch of the MSL eBar or via an external pulse generator. If the door should be left open by mistake after use, a “door-open-too-long” alarm sounds after 10 seconds (optional when a reed contact is used). The permanent release option, on the other hand, can be operated via the integrated key switch or via an external pulse generator. The MSL eBar can therefore be set in a permanent release position so that the door can be used freely without triggering an alarm. The display of the push bar pulses green for the entire period.

Innovative lock technology in many variations

The MSL eBar also impresses with its simplicity and elegant design. Thanks to the stable design in stainless steel and the practical, barrier-free handling, the MSL eBar fulfils increased demands on both security and design. It is available in four equipment versions and three basic lengths (1290, 1130 and 970 millimetres), offering the optimal solution for any requirement. The MSL eBar is available as a purely mechanical variant with or without potential-free contacts for a pre-alarm and main alarm. The two other mechatronic variants also have a display and daytime function, an acoustic and visual pre-alarm and main alarm and installed half-cylinders for battery or mains operation. They only differ in the fact that the top variant comes with an integrated, certified emergency switch, which serves as an opening contact for electrical door locking systems.

All available equipment variants of the MSL eBar have a certified function in combination with the panic locks CASA Alpha, DELTA, TRIBLOC and FlipLock. They correspond to the EN 1125 and are therefore guaranteed to be approved and can be used throughout Europe.