Versatile Planet finger protection

Doors can become a potential hazardous trap if they are closed carelessly or in a hurry. A professional finger protection helps to prevent injuries and accidents that can have severe consequences. A protective device is legally required on automatically closing swing doors or doors in childcare facilities in Germany. With the Planet finger protection, Planet GDZ AG offers a solution that is quick to install, reliable and appealing to meet these requirements.

Staff in childcare facilities know all too well how quickly a child's small hand can get trapped in the narrow gap between the door and the frame. But children aren't the only ones at risk. Automatic swing doors in particular can pose a potential hazard for adults too. However, accidents like these can be reliably prevented with the Planet finger protection. This system is suitable for practically all doors and completely covers the gap between the door and the frame along the closing edge. It fulfils the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) regulation no. 102-002 for childcare facilities and is therefore optimally suited for use in childcare facilities. The Planet solution also meets the European safety standard EN 16005 for power-operated swing doors. The Planet finger protection blinds are currently the only product on the market to hold building material class B1 certification. This guarantees that the blinds can be used in public areas without restriction. With the B1 certification for the entire component and successful completion of the repeated function test of 2 million test cycles, nothing stands in the way of straightforward approval of the Planet finger protection for use on fire doors.

Finger protection for practically all doors

The Planet finger protection consists of two components: a blind on the opposite hinge side and a fixed cover profile on the hinge side. Together, both components enclose the gap on the inner closing edge of the door completely, preventing people from reaching into the gap by mistake. The system can be installed on all common door materials, such as wood, aluminium, composites or glass, and on different sash versions using screws or adhesive. It is suitable for new doors and as a retrofit. Planet also has a version for external doors in its product range. The standardised housing design for the blinds and the different colour versions of the system parts mean that the finger protection systems blend discreetly into the interior design and decoration. The blinds can also be wiped down for easy cleaning.

Extremely easy installation with the hook and unhook system

Installation is even quicker and easier with the new generation of the Planet finger protection blinds and cover profiles. It takes just one person to fit the system thanks to the specially developed hook and unhook system for the blind. An innovative marking device helps joiners or metalworkers to install it correctly. The cover profile can also be mounted and removed again easily using a clip system. This means that adjustments, maintenance work or cleaning can be carried out extremely easily. The blinds are available in two standard lengths or can be made to measure while the cover profiles are sawn to the required length on site.

The Planet finger protection is an easy, appealing, all-round safe solution for developers, processors and door manufacturers, which offers ideal protection from injuries caused by doors.