Manual door opening with the foot door opener Planet NoHander

Exceptional times produce exceptional results - The new Planet 'NoHander' foot door opener is probably the fastest developed and launched product innovation made by the Planet, a part of the ASSA ABLOY Group. It only took three weeks from the initial idea for this quick and easy to install opening system, which effectively avoids the need to touch door handles, to the product launch. The hands-free door opener can be retrofitted to almost all leaf doors at extremely low cost. It operates in combination with a lever handle. Thanks to its intelligent clamping mechanism and reliable adhesive technology, it can also be installed in just a few minutes and, if desired, removed without trace without damaging the door.

Door handles have always been regarded as having hygienically questionable surfaces. But given the current pandemic situation, these issues are more worrying than ever. The Planet team also became aware of how rapidly hygiene practices have changed since Corona and how complicated it can be to implement these changes in everyday office life.   "We therefore wanted to develop a system as quickly as possible that would ideally allow doors of all kinds to be easily opened and, above all, hands-free," explains Andreas Brändle. Andreas Brändle is Head of Research and Development and the driving force behind the development of the planet 'NoHander'. An additional motivation in these challenging times was the desire to make a contribution to society as a company.

Ready for use in five minutes

Said. Done. The first working prototype of the Planet foot door opener was mounted on a door within a week of the first after-work talks. It was successfully launched on the market within a total period of three weeks. Today, the Planet 'NoHander' is compatible with almost every type of leaf door, whether it is made of wood, metal, PVC or glass. The installation is very easy and requires no prior experience. The entire process takes no more than five minutes and can be completed without the use of additional tools. The installation set contains all the necessary components, in pairs, for the front and back of a door.

Infinite possibilities

The new hands-free opening system from Planet is currently the only system on the market that allows the opening of lever-operated leaf doors with the foot. It is fitted and functional within in a few minutes without machining the door. The range of possible applications for the Planet 'NoHander' is almost unlimited. “Of course one immediately thinks of company or public toilets where the exit door does not open automatically,” says Marco Slongo, branch manager of Planet GDZ AG, part of the ASSA ABLOY Group in Tagelswangen. “We all have experienced the dilemma when the drying towels have run out and one is therefore forced to touch the door handle directly with freshly washed hands.”

The installation of the Planet 'NoHander' is not only worthwhile for reasons of hygiene. It is also definitely worth considering in the office or in a private home setting. Whether dealing with full shopping bags, with a handicap, with an arm injury or a similar limitation: Access to your own four walls is always easy and convenient with the 'NoHander'. Frequently used central doors in office and industrial production buildings are ideal candidates for a retrofitted foot door opener. Unlike other available solutions, this solution can be installed quickly; without door modifications it operates the door handle and is therefore also cost-effective.

Hygienic and convenient

The Planet foot door opener is made of hygienic stainless steel and also allows the door leaf to be easily cleaned. To do this, simply draw the foot lever from the base plate and push it back again after cleaning. This also makes the Planet 'NoHander' particularly attractive for retrofitting to doors in hospitals, in nursing homes and in other socio-medical facilities, as well as in many temporary hospitals which are currently under construction. Smaller shops and boutiques, which are allowed to reopen in the next few days and weeks in compliance with strict hygiene and proximity rules, could also benefit from the installation of the hands-free door opener.

Sending a clear signal

"We would also like to support the sales activities of our partner companies, dealers and locksmiths, with this new product during these challenging times," explains Marco Slongo. In its pricing strategy for market entry, the company deliberately refrains from selling the product via e-commerce in the sales channel. In addition, the Planet foot door opener is offered at a price that does not include a margin for the company, in the sense of a "Corona contribution".