Reliable security solutions for smooth everyday operations in medical-social facilities

A hospital is a public space in 24x7 operation. Every day, hundreds of people enter the doors of a hospital, rehabilitation centre, psychiatric clinic or care home – from patients to visitors, care staff and doctors to technicians or cleaning personnel. This influx of people places an enormous demand on locking systems and security solutions. There is a particularly high demand for comfortable and flexible solutions which guarantee secure access control, emergency exit technology and accessibility.

The task of organising central access to a hospital, care home or another similar institution is an extremely complex business. It relies on the efficient organisation of different rooms and persons as well as door solutions which are coordinated to function seamlessly together. Before a decision is made as to which locking system would be most effective, clinic operators have to be clear about certain key points: Who is permitted to enter which rooms? How is it possible to escape from the buildings in the event of an emergency? How much do I want to invest in the management of door systems and how convenient should it be to use the doors?

Flexible protection of sensitive areas

Whatever you decide, it is always important to go with a solution which presents an ideal combination of access control, escape route technology, accessibility and user comfort. Compatible product portfolios from specialist suppliers like ASSA ABLOY Switzerland Ltd. allow you to design complete locking system solutions which harmonise together within a medical building complex. The multi-purpose door systems are extremely flexible and can be adapted and extended according to demand. One main concern of the suppliers is to provide solutions which can be easily operated by the employees on site and with very low maintenance involved. The company's own facility management team can usually take care of straightforward replacement work.

A mechatronic locking system such as the KESO 8000Ω2 or complete electronic locking systems like the KESO eCLIQ, ensure that hospital staff no longer have to waste their precious time constantly locating spare keys to open different sensitive areas. In a medical-social facility, the doors to drug cabinets, operating rooms or clinical laboratories can all be opened with just one key which is programmed according to requirements and particular access rights. The access rights also have to be restricted in time, for example for cleaning personnel or building technicians. This guarantees a high level of security and flexibility of access rights and, in the long-term, low costs and administration.

Reliably secure in an emergency

Accessible emergency exits for everyone, including fire protection doors and emergency escape systems, are areas of a hospital which protect people in emergencies and are designed to prevent unauthorised access or unauthorised use at any time. At the same time, a fast escape must be ensured at all times in the event of danger. For this purpose, locking systems are available which meet these requirements and can be conveniently combined with the above-mentioned door solutions. One of these is ePED technology (electrically controlled Panic Exit Device). ASSA ABLOY has one of the first ePED escape route systems with terminal touchscreen in its product range. One of the most important benefits of the electrically controlled panic exit door systems is the simple coupling of two previously independent systems: the safety function for locking an emergency exit and the control of the door technology. With ePED, the door is safely released both when the emergency switch is actuated and in the event of a fault. The new display door terminal performs all the functions offered by a conventional escape door control terminal.

Diverse access solutions for all building areas

To always be in a position to roll out a tailormade security concept designed according to the needs of the customer, ASSA ABLOY invests a lot of time in intensive planning and expert consultancy. Thanks to its wide network of local partners and system modularity, ASSA ABLOY can manage new building projects as well as large-scale extensions and refurbishments.