Aperio, wireless locks for powerful, cost-effective access control

Upgrade any access system wirelessly — or install wireless locks from scratch

Aperio wireless locks are the easiest way to extend the reach of your access control system, or to replace your mechanical locks with intelligent access control.

Because they operate wire-free, battery-powered Aperio devices are fast and cost-effective to install and save you money in operating and maintenance costs.The Aperio product range includes battery-powered cylinders, escutcheons and complete locks for security doors. The award-winning Aperio handle fits powerful access control functionality into a slimline door handle. Because Aperio is built using open architecture, seamless integration enables control of any existing hard-wired doors and Aperio battery-powered devices from the same access control interface. Already deployed at premises all over the world, Aperio wireless devices protect exterior and interior doors — from fire doors to meeting rooms, labs and offices — and the people who work behind them.

The powerful, flexible Aperio access control platform is fast and secure, whether you choose Online or Offline integration. Aperio offers maximum compatibility with lock and door types, security systems and the widest range of RFID technologies for both Online and Offline integration, including MIFARE Classic/Plus, DESFire™, Seos and LEGIC. Aperio supports multi-factor authentication and with inbuilt HID SIO technology, can support multiple RFID technologies simultaneously.

Discover the benefits of Aperio access control technology

Access control at more doors, easily and at low cost

Aperio is built on an open platform for fast, low-cost integration with your existing access control and security management system — or a brand new one. Aperio lets you schedule user rights and generate instant audit trails for more doors, taking security management to the next level.

Keyless door access that saves you time and money

Life is more convenient when you replace mechanical keys with RFID credentials. Every lost credential is easy to revoke electronically, so you don’t waste time and money changing locks. Aperio works with all major low- and high-frequency RFID technologies, including your existing ones.

A broad range of easy-to-install, battery-powered devices

Aperio devices are robust and reliable, and fitted fast and wire-free without cabling or major alterations at your doors. Your battery-powered Aperio cylinders, escutcheons and other devices use up to 75% less energy than comparable wired door locks. Maintenance is simpler, too.

Aperio Wireless Access Control: Product Overview

Aperio wireless locks work with access control systems from over 100 different manufacturers. With Aperio technology, you can bring access control to more doors — affordably and wirelessly. Replace mechanical locks and forget about keys, without changing your security system.