Code Handle®: The door and window handle with PIN

Access control can be controlled easily with the elegant door and window handle. The PIN keypad is simply integrated in the fitting.

The Code Handle access control fitting is suitable for interior doors, balcony and patio doors, as well as for window handles. Access control for door opening can be issued easily with an electronic PIN code entered via the PIN keypad integrated on the door handle.

Applications for private and public areas

The Code Handle is ideal for regulating people traffic in areas with sensitive data which should only be accessed by specific people, in both the private and public sphere. It impresses with easy handling, reliability and a practice-orientated use. The Code Handle can be used in combination with a panic lock. This means that the door can still be opened from the inside at any time.

Quick and easy installation

The door handle not only impresses with its design, but also with its easy retrofitting capability for existing door handles. Neither door locks, nor cylinders have to be replaced. The existing handle can be unscrewed and the existing holes can be reused for the Code Handle. Assembly takes place completely without wiring.

Code Handle – overview of product advantages

  • Suitable for medical practices, law firms, offices and private homes
  • Interior doors, balconies and patio doors, as well as window handles, can be retrofitted easily without wiring
  • Easy to operate with visual and acoustic signals
  • 9 user codes, 4-6 digits
  • If the code is entered incorrectly 5 times, the Code Handle is blocked for 3 minutes
  • Power supply via batteries
  • Permanently open function

Here, you can access the online catalogue with further technical information on the Code Handle: