The smart solution for small-scale locking systems

KESO CLIQ Go is a purely electronic locking system that is easy to install and convenient to manage with the user-friendly CLIQ Go app.

Access authorisations can be programmed as desired and changed as required. Lost keys can be blocked instantly. This offers maximum convenience for the entire building in private homes and small to medium-sized businesses. KESO CLIQ Go solves the problem of lost keys. Since each key is individually programmable, it is easy to delete locking authorisations – no matter where they are. The cloud-based system works seamlessly via the CLIQ Go app. An authorised specialist dealer can also handle the management of the locking systems as an option.

Compact KESO CLIQ Go locking cylinders offer a very high level of security. Thanks to the large selection of different types of cylinders, the system is suitable for a variety of applications – from your entrance door to the securing of alarm systems, doors and cabinets.

Additional advantages:

  • Manage access authorisations via smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Easy installation without wiring
  • Keys can be quickly blocked if necessary and unlocked again later
  • Authorisations can be issued within specific time slots, for example on Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  • Versatile cylinder selection usable for anything from letter boxes to second garages
  • The battery-operated key is also the power source for the cylinders, so no door wiring is necessary