The keyless home

Get security, convenience and intelligent control. KESO ENTR™ is an easy-to-install upgrade product for your existing door lock. Simply remove the old locking cylinder, install, KESO ENTR™ and you have access control.

KESO ENTR™ solution – the advantages at a glance:

  • Suitable for most door types and sizes
  • Easy to install on existing doors - no drilling, no wiring
  • Battery operation - independently from the mains network and cables
  • Secure, encrypted wireless communication between the system components
  • Automatic locking when the door has been closed

What does ENTR mean for you?

Convenience - use your fingerprint, code or smartphone to open your door.

Flexibility - you can upgrade practically any door yourself without major effort.

Security - no more lost, forgotten or stolen keys.

Usage options:

Select the ENTR solution that best meets the requirements of both you and your family. 

The app enables you to directly lock or unlock your door from your smartphone, tablet or another Bluetooth-enabled device. With the remote control, you will be able to open your front door remotely at the touch of a button. The wall reader stores up to 20 authorised fingerprints and also enables individual codes to be assigned - including with a time restriction. 

The four steps to a "smart" door

Follow the four steps and you will be surprised how easy it is to transform your existing door into a "smart" door.

  1. Preparation: Determine the cylinder length
  2. Order: Order online directly from dealers
  3. Installation: Install it easily yourself by following the instructions
  4. Configuration: Set up the ENTR unit to suit your requirements