KESO ENTR PIN reader - wall installation

Up to 20 different codes can be predefined. Once a code has been programmed in the reader, you can use it to securely unlock the door. Easy to install and program.

KESO ENTR finger scanner - wall installation

The finger scanner offers you control and functionality with the option of defining up to 20 users. You can use authorized fingerprints and codes. You manage the access authorizations of users and can issue time-dependent authorizations.

KESO ENTR remote control

The remote control automatically integrates into the locking system and makes it possible to unlock the door remotely from inside and outside. The system supports up to two remote controls!

KESO ENTR charger

The rechargeable batteries of KESO ENTR are powerful and environmentally friendly. You can keep your KESO ENTR fully operational with the ease and convenience of a charger with a cable or a wireless charger.