Magnetic multi-point lock

Quiet elegance for wooden doors

Doors slamming loudly ruin any atmosphere. The low-noise closing of the PolyBlock lock helps to maintain a pleasant, calm sense of comfort. No more scratches on the door frame and door jamb. Security is also guaranteed by three extending bolts.

All the advantages at a glance

  • Protects the door frame and door jamb
  • The latch no longer runs in to the striking plate
  • Low-noise closing
  • The magnetic force can be varied by adjusting the depth of the magnet on the striking
  • plate in installed state
  • Resistance-free door closer run-in (no protruding latch)
  • No traces of grease and dirt on the frame
  • Setting option for key operation or handle operation
  • Magnetic striking plate set included in the price
  • Latch blocking