Planet finger protection

Full finger protection range with practical quick-mounting solutions!

The Planet finger protection closes the gap between the door and the door frame. Planet’s finger protection is ideal for minimising the risk of children's fingers getting crushed.

Planet finger protection meets the statutory accident prevention regulations for daycare centres and automatic doors, making it the right choice for protecting children’s hands and at the same time complying with the legal requirements.

Planet finger protection can be easily installed by a single fitter. The finger protection is maintenance-free, saving you costly maintenance intervals. However, if service work needs to be carried out on the door, the door leaf can be unhooked quickly and easily. Finger protection can also be retrofitted on existing doors.

The finger protection also features an impressive long service life. The materials used are extremely robust and specially designed to withstand the strains to which a finger protection is exposed. Before it was launched on the market, it had to pass a long-term stress test of two million cycles.

Product range

Planet offers three different systems to equip doors with finger protection.

The FSR roller blinds

The roller blinds close the gap at the secondary closing edge on the non-hinge side. There is only one roller blind housing shape for all doors to guarantee a harmonious overall appearance. However, you can choose from a wide range of colours so that the finger protection fits your interior perfectly. Of course, we can customise the roller blinds to your needs.

The FSA cover profiles

The cover profiles close the gap on the secondary closing edge on the hinge side. The protection profile is the ideal complement to Planet’s FSR roller blinds. Here, too, we offer a wide range of colours to meet your needs. Of course, we can also individually adapt the cover profiles to your needs.

The FSH 9000 door stoppers

The door stopper is an effective and low-cost finger protection for the main closing edge. It can be easily mounted on the door in 2 minutes without drilling. The door stopper can be activated or deactivated by simply turning it. It can also help to prevent the doors from accidentally closing. The door stopper thus perfectly rounds off Planet’s finger protection range.

Application options

Daycare nurseries, kindergarten, schools

Safety in schools is an important issue. Children, in particular, are at great risk of getting their fingers caught between the door and the frame. Planet finger protection is the ideal solution for this.

Automatic doors

The Planet finger protection can also be installed on doors that are opened and closed automatically. The finger protection does not affect the operation of the door.

Fire doors and glass doors

Planet finger protection products are suitable for use in glass and fire doors, as the main components are made of aluminium and the cloth is made of flame-retardant material. All parts are also UV and corrosion-resistant, meaning they are ideal for outdoor use.

Swing doors

Planet finger protection meets all legal requirements (DIN EN 16005) for power-operated swing doors. The law states: Danger points between the leaf and frame, which pose a risk of fingers being caught, must be avoided with the design, with appropriate safety devices or secured with technical safety measures.