KESO 8000Ω2 - A new dimension of security

An important factor for the security of a property is choosing a locking system where the keys and cylinders are equipped with active copy protection.

KESO 8000Ω² is the latest generation of mechanical and mechatronic locking systems with new active copy protection. The reversible key system is suitable for both complex and simple locking systems. The system is rounded off with an innovative modular system for problem-free extension or shortening of the cylinders on-site.The cylinders are secure against manipulation, and key copies are not possible without a security certificate. Enjoy the freedom to be safe!
The KESO 8000Ω2 colour cap keys are available in 13 different colours.

Further advantages

  • Active copy protection: Every key has a moving element that is queried via a special design in the cylinder. This active protection guarantees that only KESO keys can open the KESO cylinder.

  • New modular system: The new cylinder design is based on a modular design with insert system. This means that the cylinders can be adapted flexibly and individually, guaranteeing short delivery and installation times.

  • Patent valid until 2034: Thanks to a patent valid until 2034 and functional design protection, the KESO system offers an extremely long investment protection.

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