Traka21 is an independently operating electronic key box with integrated intelligence, touch-screen operation, RFID security stick (RFID-iFOB), and a user-friendly LED slot display at an unusually low price.


  • Plug & play – unpack - screw in place - enter access rights
  • Completely independent standalone operation (no PC connection necessary)
  • Simple touch-screen operation
  • PIN codes enable access to specific keys
  • Simple setup assistants for date & time, keys, and users
  • Simple mounting (no housing disassembly required)
  • Power supply via included mains plug
  • Optional emergency power battery can be integrated
  • Optional stand base for tabletop installation
  • Housing dimensions 275 x 425 x 95mm (width/height/depth)
  • RFID-iFOB (security stick made of ABS plastic)
    HID "Vigo" RFID tag with 13.56 MHz
  • Standard colour: white/black
  • Material – housing half-shells: aluminium (extruded)
  • Material - inner body: moulded ABS plastic (block)
  • Weight: 3.49kg (without seals and without keys)


  • User, key, and administrative rights can be selectively configured
  • Up to 1000 users can be managed
  • Up to 250,000 events can be stored
  • Log reports via touch screen
  • Additional data import/export via USB memory stick
  • 21 LED key slots with individual slot locking
  • 21 durable 'long-life' iFOBs with RFID recognition
  • 21 durable key seals with spring lock
  • Multilinguar 5" colour touch-screen
  • Cabinet door with 'kick-open' opening
  • Acoustic alarm notifications
  • Mechanical emergency opening of the door
  • Not only the design is attractive - the price will also surprise you!

Download Brochure Traka21 Key Management