The challenges of our customers are very diverse. We offer the right door solution for everyone.

Monte Rosa Hut

Challenges: Temperature fluctuations from 25° to -30°, snow load, problems opening the doors

Solution: mFlipLock

Swiss Federal Institute WSL

Challenges: Multi-site locking system, access traceability, flexibility in authorization assignments

Solution: KESO eCLIQ web

Zürichsee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft

Challenges: Changing weather conditions, constantly changing access authorisations, power supply often impossible

Solution: KESO eCLIQ

Wiener Linien

Challenges: Individual and flexible access authorisations, special installation situations, one master key system instead of several for the entire company

Solution: KESO eCLIQ

Zentralbahn AG

Challenges: Rail traffic and building locking, flexible locking, secure keys

Solution: KESO 4000 Omega system

Université de Genève

Challenges: Limited budget, locking plan system with large reserves and a small number of universal keys for the fire brigade and emergency services

Solution: KESO 4000 Omega system