The secure front door for families


Access should be as easy as possible and without a key. It is important that small children cannot open the door and leave the house unsupervised. High security is nevertheless required.


Entry is via a finger scanner. When an authorised fingerprint is recognised, the lock opens by a motor and is accessible from outside. During a power outage, the lock can be opened via the mechanical cylinder.


Exit takes place by pressing the exit button, which is mounted at a height that small children cannot reach. By pressing the button, the door handle couples in by a motor and the door can be opened. After the door is closed again, the lock locks automatically. If there is no exit after pushing the button, the lock locks by a self-locking mechanism. Finger protection provides additional security. 


A door with a high level of convenience and security. The opening signal of the reader takes place via the evaluation control (AWS), which unlocks the lock completely. The impulse of the release button takes place via the evaluation control (AWS), which couples in the door handle by a motor. The lock does not have a panic function.


  • Keyless entry
  • Small children cannot open the door by themselves
  • High security thanks to multi-point locking

Hardware set

  • MSL electric lock mFlipLock e-drive 26541-SV OP (without panic)
  • MSL connection cable for mFlipLock e-drive
  • MSL cable transition, inserted
  • Power pack 12V
  • Finger scanner
  • MSL AWS (evaluation control)
  • Exit button
  • KESO double cylinder (intervention cylinder)
  • Outside: knob
  • Inside: door handle
  • Planet HS / RD drop-down seal, smoke-tight
  • Planet FSR 6000 finger protection in accordance with SN EN 16005