The outer door with daytime function


The outer door should be freely accessible during the day. Outside of office hours or on the weekend, entry is only possible with an authorised medium or via the intervention cylinder. The door must meet the fire protection requirements in accordance with El 30 and standard SN EN 179 for escape route doors.


Outside of office hours, entry is by a badge reader, which opens the motorised lock. After the door has been accessed, the door closes by means of the door closer and the lock locks automatically. During office hours, the motorised lock is released and the door is held by a door closer (roller function). Entry is possible without an unauthorised medium. Intervention is via the mechanical cylinder.


Exit is by door handle in accordance with SN EN 179. The lock can always be opened from inside by the panic function. By pressing the door handle, the dead bolt is retracted and the double action bolt released. After access, the door closes automatically by means of a mechanical door closer and the lock locks by itself. The certified fire door is equipped with a door closer.


If the door is not used after a positive medium verification or an impulse discharge via the sonnerie, the door closes again automatically after a few seconds. For a fire protection door, connection to a fire alam system and the fire protection module (FSModul) is essential, since it supplies the necessary residual voltage to the lock by means of capacitors during a power outage in order to bring the lock into the locked position.


  • Daytime function possible (time-controlled or via access control)
  • Opening via reader (contact-free)
  • Remote opening possible
  • Lock is always locked outside of opening times

Hardware set

  • ASSA ABLOY door closer DC 500/DC 700
  • effeff motorised lock 509N
  • OneSystem IO Module N59500000000000 (is required for evaluating the contacts)
  • KESO box, large, 24V 4A, 509-NLB.24-4.00
  • effeff FS module 519ZBFS------00
  • effeff connection cable for 509N
  • MSL cable transition, inserted
  • effeff SCALA solo reader
  • SCALA solo access control unit
  • KESO double cylinder (intervention cylinder)
  • Outside: knob
  • Inside: door handle
  • Planet HS / FH + RD drop-down seal, fire-retardant and smoke-tight