The fire door with burglary portection


This two-leaf El30 door must be equipped in accordance with SN EN 179 for escape route doors and in compliance with SN EN 13637 (transition period) for electrically controlled emergency exit systems in escape routes. The active leaf is suitable for escape routes. The inactive leaf can be opened briefly if necessary (e.g. transporting material) but must absolutely be closed again after passing through the door.


Entry is via the badge reader, which couples in the outside door handle and releases the escape door strike. The intervention is via the cylinder, whose contact switches the release of the escape door strike. In the event of a power outage, the escape door strike is open (quiescent current principle), and the door can beopened mechanically by the cylinder.


Exit is by the badge reader, which releases the escape door strike. In an emergency, the emergency button is pushed on the terminal, which releases the escape door strike. The door cannot be accessed. The inactive leaf can be opened by a rabbeted latch bolt. The certified double-leaf fire door is equipped with a door closer with closing sequence control.


The escape door's alarm-monitored active leaf is accessible at any time. The inactive leaf must be manually opened. The escape door is alarm-protected.


  • Alarm monitoring provides protection against unauthorised exit
  • Connection to a fire alarm system possible on the escape door control terminal
  • All of the lock's statuses can be evaluated via the IO module potential-free.

Hardware set

  • ASSA ABLOY door closer DC 500/DC 700 with integrated closing sequence control
  • effeff escape door control terminal1338
  • effeff escape door opener 332 and effeff additional latch 807-10
  • MSL panic lock sFlipLock e-access
  • MSL cable for sFlipLock e-access
  • MSL AWS (evaluation control)
  • MSL cable transition, inserted
  • Power pack 24V
  • MSL rabbeted latch bolt 1708 with accessories
  • effeff SCALA solo reader (possibly controlled via access control or timer)
  • effeff SCALA solo
  • Access control unit
  • KESO double cylinder (intervention cylinder)
  • Outside: Door handle in accordance with SN EN 179
  • Inside: Door handle in accordance with SN EN 179
  • Planet HS / FH + RD drop-down seal