The simply delayed escape door


The fire door must meet the requirements in accordance with El 30 and standard SN EN 179 for escape route doors. In addition, standard SN EN 13637 for electrically controlled escape door systems must be complied with. Since this escape door is in a dementia department, it is implemented with a time delay in accordance with SN EN 13637/ T1.


Entry is via the door handle, which mechanically opens the lock. In addition, the entry button releases the escape door strike. The intervention is via the door handle and entry button. During a power outage, the door is accessible by means of the panic function via the door handle, since the escape door strike is open when there is no current.


Exit is via the door handle and an authorised medium via the reader. In case of an escape situation, the emergency button on the escape door control terminal must be pressed to start the delay (T1 maximum of 15 seconds). At the same time, the delay is visually displayed on the terminal by LEDs. The door is accessible after the delay period has elapsed. The time can be interrupted at any time by an authorised medium. The certified fire door is equipped with a door closer.


An immediate opening of the door is delayed so that there is sufficient reaction time for the supervisory staff to prevent unauthorised escape. An approval for time-delayed doors of a maximum of 15 seconds must absolutely be issued by the competent authority. Depending on the situation, the authority can demand that the exising fire alarm system (BMA) is connected to the escape door control terminal.


  • Patients are prevented from leaving the building undetected and endangering themselves
  • This is an escape door, even with a time delay

Hardware set

  • ASSA ABLOY door closer DC 500/DC 700
  • effeff anti-panic lock 309N (mechanical)
  • effeff ePED escape door control terminal 1386
  • effeff ePED interface 1386S00UP----00
  • effeff escape door opener 332 and effeff additional latch 807-10
  • Pictogram backlit
  • Badge reader (possibly controlled via access control or timer)
  • effeff SCALA solo access control unit
  • Entry button
  • KESO double cylinder (intervention cylinder)
  • Power pack 24V
  • Outside: door handle
  • Inside: door handle
  • Planet HS / FH + RD drop-down seal, fire-retardant and smoke-tight